Bina Empayar Shaklee Anda Hari ini!

Bina Empayar Shaklee Anda Hari ini!
Sertai kami di Jutawan Shaklee, melahirkan Bisnes Leader yang berdaya saing, EFEKTIF dan sentiasa POSITIF.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kasihnya Ibu, Sayangnya Ayah…Hingga ke Syurga

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Entry ini adalah tribute khas buat ayahbondaku yang terchinta.

SATU... Kasih nan ABADI,

Tiada Tandingin DIA yang SATU,

DUA… Kasih berpanjangan,

Membawa ke SYURGA,

Kasihnya IBU



Setianya AYAH

Tanggal Julai 31, 2011

Satu kiriman SMS Iffa terima dari Ayahbonda di Tanah Suci yang sedang melakukan umrah ziarah. Katanya, banyak barang menarik yang mungkin saya berminat untuk jadikan cenderamata buat pelanggan-pelanggan istimewa kami di FW|SOSC.

Tersentuh rasa hati, walaupun dikejauhan, ayahbonda masih mengingati saya di sini. Tidak saya nafikan ketika sedang sibuk berpindah rumah, saya dihujani permintaan trial pack yang banyak sehingga habis segala free gift yang saya sediakan. Syukur, cenderahati dari Tanah Suci datang buat anda semua. Terima kasih Mama, terima kasih ayah…

Apakah special gift yang diterbangkan jauh dari tanah suci ini?

dan juga …

Alhamdulillah, sesungguhnya Ayahbonda sangat memahami jiwa saya yang suka mencari cederamata buat pelanggan-pelanggan SHaklee saya.. ke mana saya pergi pasti ada sahaja free gift yang akan saya borong untuk anda semua. Bila terima SMS dari anda, katanya suka sangat dengan suprise gift yang saya berikan, Hati semakin berbunga riang.. Mungkin nilainya tidak semahal mana, tetapi penghargaan yang anda berikan besar maknanya buat diri ini.

Mama & Ayah… sekali lagi Iffah ingin ucapkan seinfiniti terima kasih buat kalian kerana menyokong usaha murni anakanda mu ini. Sedikit sedutan dari FB yang ingin saya kongsikan buat anda semua.


Sayang Mama & Ayah!

Sharing is Caring!

IffahAnuar @SOSC

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Soalan Kegemaran Anda Tentang Supplemen

Q: Is taking nutritional supplements necessary?
A: Well, the answer is yes. Never have we being exposed to so much much pollution before. Life is certainly more hectic and stressful today compared to 20 or 30 years ago. The quality of food is not the same as before because of environmental pollution. It's now a scientific fact that we cannot hope to get all the nutrients our body needs through meals alone. Nutritional supplementation is even more vital for those with poor eating habits. Diets laden with caffeine, fat, cholestrol, sugar, and sodium deplete the body's reserves of nutrients. Drinking and smoking interfere with nutrient absorption. Other nutrients robbers are antibiotics, drugs, and laxatives.
Q: Why is it that we cannot get all the nutrients the body needs from our meals?
A: The nutrient content of foods fluctuate widely, depending on a number of factors. How the food is prepared will affect the nutritional value of food. We also have to take into consideration the quality of the food. For example, fruits and vegetables grown on the soil that are depleted of selenium, zinc, magnesium, calcium and other minerals will not contain a rich supply of nutrients. Artificial fertilisers used to increase crop yields will affect the quality of fruits and vegetables. Pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, addictives, preservatives, ripening agents and waxes sprayed on fruits and vegetables are toxic chemicals that rob the food of it's nutrients.
Q: Is the nutrient content of fruits what we expect it to be?
A: Fruits and vegetables begin to lose nutrients from the moment they are picked. Most of the fresh fruits and vegetables - particularly the imported ones - have actually been picked, then stored, then shipped, then stored again possibly for weeks or months. Then we may cook them, or at least cut them. All these actions cause nutrients loss. The vitamin C content of guavas for example may fall drastically after only one or two months. Green vegetables suffer even more - they lose most of their vitamin C after only a few days of being stored at room temperature. Everyone knows that orange juice is high in vitamin C. But few realise that an orange can lose as much as 30% of its vitamins C soon after it is squeezed.
Q: Is nutritional supplementation necessary if I take home-cooked food?
A: It is still necessary for all the reasons mentioned above. The way you prepare and cook your food determines to a large extent how much is your need for supplementation. If you are highly-stressed; for example you are holding a high-stress job, then your need for supplementationis even more acute. It is a documented fact that a body under stress, depletes its store of vitamins and minerals more rapidly.
Q: When is the best time to take vitamin supplements.
A: Vitamin supplements are best taken at mealtime, along with your food. This is to increase absorption. It is also important to know that the body can absorb and use only so much of a vitamin or mineral at one time. For better utilisation and to prevent wastage of vitamins, try to spread your dosage over the course of the day.
Q: How will I know that the vitamin supplements are working?
A: People taking supplements for general good health and disease prevention usually feel better after taking them for a period of time. They get fewer cold attacks, have more energy, and enjoy a great sense of well being. When you are taking vitamin supplements for a specific condition, you will know they are working when your condition improves. If you have high blood pressure, you might take extra calcium, magnesium and garlic plus of course a modified diet. Then if your blood pressure improves, you will know that the nutrients are working. It is important to realise that vitamin supplements do not work overnight. If you are nervous and irritable today and take a B-complex vitamin tonight, do not expect to feel calm and serene tomorrow. You must give vitamins time to work. In general, don't expect to feel the beneficial effects until at least three to four weeks.
Q: Can vitamin supplements cause harm?
A: It is a scientific fact that only a few vitamins and minerals have any known toxicity level. Even then, the amounts needed to reach toxic levels are astronomically enormous. So there is no risk of any harmful effects.
Q: Will the body grow dependant on large amounts of vitamins and minerals after a period of time?
A: There is no convincing evidence on this. It its, however, common sense not to stop anything 'cold turkey'  (abruptly or immediately) after taking it for a prolonged period of time. This is true for both drugs and vitamins. If your body is having an optimal amount of a particular nutrient, it naturally will have to readjust to any change. Therefore if you want to cut back on the intake, it is logical to do so gradually. For example many people increase their vitamin C intake during the cold and flu season. If you have been taking 3000mg of VITAMIN C during during this period, you may cut down to 2000mg for two weeks, then 1000mg for the next 2 weeks, then to 500mg and so on.
Fungsi Antioksidan Singkir Radikal Bebas
Q: What vitamins are known as 'antioxidants'?
A: Vitamins A, C and E are antioxidants. It has been scientifically proven that these vitamins may help neutralise free-radical activity in the body and thus assist in the prevention of degenerative diseases like premature aging, cataracts, heart-disease and cancer. Antioxidants are also known as free-radical scavangers. (See ACE PROGRAM)
Q: What are free-radicals?
A: Free radicals are atoms or a group of atoms lacking an unpaired electron. They are present in the body and constantly 'bump' into healthy cells and severely damage them in the process. Free radicals are formed by exposure to radiation and toxic chemicals, over-exposure to the sun's rays or through the action of various metabolic processes such as the use of stored fat molecules for energy. If free-radicals are left unchecked,they can cause degenerative diseases like premature aging, cataracts, heart disease and cancer.
Q: Do vitamins work individually?
A: Research has shown that vitamins work synergistically - that means they work better as a group. So it is good practice to combine your vitamins. For example, if you are taking antioxidants, you should be taking vitamins A, C and E together. If you are not sure which vitamins combine well, always ask your nutritionist or your doctor.
Q: How long does vitamins remain in your body?
A: Water -soluble vitamins stay in the body for a short period of time - say two to four days. The B vitamins and C vitamins belong in this group. Utilisation of water soluble vitamins begins the minute they are absorbed through your digestive system. Thus these vitamins must be replenished regualrly. Oil-soluble (or fat-soluble) vitamins stay longer in the body. Vitamins A, D, E and K belong to this group. Although these vitamins are usually stored in fat (liid) tissue, some may be also be stored in the organs, especially the liver. Therefore it is not practical to take fat-soluble vitamins in very large doses.
Semoga menjawab segala keraguan dihati Winking smile!

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rahsia Susu Ibu Maintain Sepanjang Puasa

Salam, semalam sempat Iffah meninjau dalam group EXCLUSIVE kami “SHAKLEE GBS” group istimewa yang kami tubuhkan khas untuk pelanggan-pelanggan EUPHORIA GBS mendapatkan konsultasi secara terus di FB. Ingin Iffa kongsikan feedback ibu-ibu yang mengambil Special package Ramadhan Winking smile
Testimoni_Shaklee_ESP_PD_Bantu_Julia Baser_Maintain_Production_Susu_Ramadhan
Testimoni_Shaklee_ESP_PD_Bantu_Kaiyan Lee_Maintain_Production_Susu_Ramadhan
“tq dear ats tip2 tu….mmg mbantu sgt2 dlm bulan puasa ini…” – Kaiyan Lee
Bagi pelanggan-pelanggan SOSC di SMS.Com, jangan lupa PM Iffah atau email Iffah di untuk mendapatkan TIPS EXCLUSIVE Ramadhan Winking smile. Ianya EXCLUSIVE untuk anda!
Bagi ibu-ibu yang masih dibelenggu kerisauan production susu akan drop ketika berpuasa, jangan bimbang pastikan Konsep Asas penyusuan dipatuhi dan dapatkanlah Supplement Shaklee untuk kesihatan tubuh ibu sepanjang ramadhan.

Untuk harga ISTIMEWA email Iffah di atau SMS/CALL Iffa di 013-5810170. 20 Pelanggan pertama yang mendapatkan set ini akan mendapat special gift dari SOSC.

ATAU, bagi ibu-ibu yang telah mengambil breastfeeding Set bolehla Add On ESP dan Performance drink sepanjang bulan ramadhan ini.

Performance® Maximum
Penghidratan lebih cepat berbanding air (Oren)
Bekerja atau bersukan menyebabkan kekurangan nutrisi penting dalam tubuh. Shaklee Performance merupakan pilihan paling ideal yang berupaya menghidrat lebih cepat berbanding air dan mebekalkan tenaga untuk kegiatan harian anda.
  • OptiCarb® pilihan eksklusif untuk tenaga yang berpanjangan.
  • Membekalkan bendalir dan elektrolit yang penting untuk membantu mencegah penyahidratan.*
  • Terbukti secara klinikal dalam memelihara paras gula dalam darah yang penting bagi tenaga, otot dan paras bendalir yang perlu bagi penghidratan yang wajar.*
* Produk ini tidak bertujuan untuk mendiagnos, merawat, menyembuh atau mencegah sebarang jenis penyakit.

Energizing Soy Protein – Vanilla
Membekalkan tenaga berkekalan dengan protein berasaskan tumbuhan yang berkualiti tinggi
Kandungan rendah lemak bukan GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) iaitu tidak merubah kandungan genetik organismanya, dan lengkap dengan protein yang mengandungi sembilan asid amino penting ini sesuai untuk seisi keluarga. Bagi setiap satu hidangan Energizing Soy Protein Shaklee memberikan kandungan14 gram soya protein yang diperlukan oleh hati yang sihat.
Tahukah Anda?
Indeks glisemik menempatkan kedudukan karbohidrat berdasarkan impaknya terhadap paras gula dalam darah. Karbohidrat yang memecah dengan cepat mempunyai indeks glisemik (G.I.) yang tertinggi manakala karbohidrat dengan G.I. yang rendah pula memecahkan gula dengan perlahan-lahan sambil membebaskan glukos ke dalam sistem badan anda. Mengekalkan paras gula dalam darah yang rendah amatlah penting dalam pengurangan berat badan dan penjagaan kesihatan dalam jangkamasa panjang.
Perbezaan Shaklee Sesetengah protein soya diproses dengan alkohol. Cara pemprosesan ini bukan sahaja menghilangkan isoflavon yang bermanfaat, malah membentuk kontaminasi bersilang dengan bahan-bahan kimia yang digunakan dalam pemprosesan. Energizing Soy Protein dicuci dengan air untuk mengekalkan isoflavon genistin dan daidzin yang kritikal demi membekalkan anda dengan keseluruhan kebaikan soya.
Shaklee Menggunakan Protein Soya Bukan-GMO
Shaklee menggunakan proses pensijilan tersendiri yang dikenali Identity Preserved Program (IPP). Program ini memastikan kacang soya kita bebas daripada pendedahan perubahan genetik. Daripada benih sehingga penyimpanannya, anda boleh yakin dengan komitmen kami dalam penggunaan ramuan-ramuan yang semulajadi dan berkualiti.
* Produk ini tidak bertujuan untuk mendiagnos, merawat, menyembuh atau mencegah sebarang jenis penyakit.
All the Best mengharungi JIHAD AKHBAR sepanjang Ramadhan ini Winking smile
Sharing is Caring!

Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak~

Alhamdulillah, Iffa telah selamat mengangkut segala khazanah dari rumah sewa di Cheras ke kediaman baru kami di Desa Coalfields, Sungai Buloh semalam. Berpindah rumah ini memang amat memenatkan dan jika dilihat dari sudut kesihatan Iffa, agak mustahil untuk melakukannya kerana Iffa tidak digalakkan untuk lifting barang-brang berat, mengemas, basuh lantai, mop dan macam-macam lagi kerja yang perlu dilakukan.

Alhamdulillah Allah berikan keizinan semuanya dilakukan dengan lancar dan Iffa Alhamdulillah tidak demam atau collapse. Syukur, tidak sia-sia Iffa menghargai nikmat Allah yang dikurniakan kepada Vivix Smile. Bagaimana keadaan di Desa Caolfields? semestinya sesuatu yang Iffa idamkan untuk menetap dipinggiran kota dengan suasana ketengangan seakan duduk di desa atau di perkampungan. Alhamdulillah.

Pemandangan dari balkoni rumah atas

Iffah masih lagi dalam proses unpack barang-barang dan membuat susun atur di rumah ini. Cabaran dalam bulan Ramadhan, InsyaAllah sikit-sikit dilakukan pasti siap sebelum Syawal. Jika ditunggu last minutes memang sakitlah jawabnya. (Dalam sibuk-sibuk mengemas sempat juga Iffa tulis entry blog ni).

Ok, masa Iffah agak limited sekarang ini sebab perlu beri keutamaan pada urusan rumah terlebih dahulu. Penghantaran insyaAllah akan Iffah buat dalam tempoh 2-3 hari selepas order diterima kerana urusan dengan pihak Gdex masih dalam pengurusan. Pos Mart ku tercinta telah tiada Sad smile. POS LAJU pula tak mahu masuk ke sini..hehehe UJIAN..

Baiklah Iffah ingin mengambil kesempatan untuk mengucapkan Selamat Berpuasa kepada semua pelanggan-pelanggan dan juga pengunjung setia Shaklee One Stop Centre & Semoga Ramadhan kali ini LUAR BIASA baiknya dari Ramadhan terdahulu. Tingkatkan PRESTASI kurangkan KONTROVERSI..hehe

Sharing is Caring!


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